Henrico Dolfing

As the founder of Data Solutions I help companies in the financial service industry with software development, data migration, financial modeling and business intelligence projects by using my experience, skills, knowledge and Agile processes and techniques.

Agile Project Management and Project Recovery are my specialties. I am an experienced ScrumMaster and Product Owner. I have implemented agile methods successfully in multiple companies on large projects/programs (>10M budget, >50 team members). Not just on software development projects, but also on data migration and actuarial modeling projects. Projects included outsourcing, nearshoring and remote teams.

I have a strong technical background as a software developer and solution architect, including an M.Sc. degree in Data Mining. Having done real life coding and having hands-on experience with Test Automation and Continuous Integration enables me to understand and work very closely with technical teams.

My diverse international experience helps in working with people from all over the globe. Born in the Netherlands, I have lived in Germany, USA, and Switzerland. Worked for longer and shorter projects all through Europe, Channel Islands, Caribbean, and North America.

For more about me see my LinkedIn profile.

Henrico Dolfing Certifications