Project Recovery

Project Recovery
Projects fail for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately you are not alone; especially IT projects have a low success rate. Typically more than half of them are considered a failure. If your current in-house or outsourced software or web development project is off track, chances are we can bring the necessary resources and expertise to get the job done.

Troubled projects are never pretty. Often there isn’t time for guessing, just acting. We have helped companies save projects from the brink of failure. By combining our deep technical knowledge with a proven process, we quickly address major problems and bottlenecks, putting the project back on track.

We provide the leadership necessary to solve complicated problems. We are not afraid to deliver bad news; we are not afraid of putting our reputations behind the decisions we make; and most of all, we are responsive and sensitive to the intricacies of troubled projects.

To get a troubled project successfully restarted, back on track, or completed, we can help you.

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