Project Review

A Project Review can have many names: Project Reviews, Debriefs, Retrospectives, Post Project Reviews, Mid Project Reviews, Project Audits, Lessons Learned or Post Mortem. Project Reviews can occur at any time during a project and can be used to evaluate the status and/or success of projects.

Before we start a Project Recovery attempt we will always start with a Project Review. During each review we will have a look at the areas below. When you want a more detailed overview of what we look at during a review you can download our Project Review Checklist. Of course, this is only a starting point, and each project has its specific things, but this list proved to be a good start.

What others are saying ...

I had the pleasure of meeting Henrico while working in a team of external developers for a big health insurance company. He came to the project as a Scrum coach and business analyst, and quickly and skillfully surfaced all sorts of problems in their processes. I was very impressed by his efficient communication skills and deep technological expertise, not to mention his down-to-earth personality and great sense of humour. Henrico also really gets what Agile is all about, and if you read his excellent blog you can see that he's constantly refining his understanding of it and keeps experimenting with new approaches, just like you're supposed to. I look forward to seeing Henrico again around the ICT scene in Zurich, and will definitely keep him in mind for any future projects. - Senior Software Engineer @ Panter AG
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