Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Scrum Breakfast Club 2016

I have already written before about the Scrum Breakfast Club in September.  The Scrum Breakfast Club in Zurich is a safe space for people who are passionate about being Agile… and transforming their companies into more Agile places. Every month, we get together in a neutral location to learn, share, solve problems and be Agile. The club was started and hosted by Peter Stevens from Saat Network and he just published the program for 2016.

Workshops at the Scrum Breakfast Club are designed according to the Open Space Technology format. The topics for coming year will be:

Agile Contracting: How can contracts become enablers of great collaboration?

Product Backlog: How do you identify, write, refine, slice and accept good stories and product backlog items?

Agile Enterprise: How agile are organizations and how do you apply Scrum in Large Environments?

Release Planning: How do you manage risks and communicate with Stakeholders in an Agile project?

Scrum in Management: How do you apply Scrum to fast-paced startups, agile transitions & other non-software activities?

Development Team: Beyond Self-Organization, what else is needed for a high-performing team?

Impediments Workshop: What’s slowing you down, what can you do about it?

Sprint Review: How do you work with non-Agile organizations or teams?

Testing: What is the role of testing and test automation in Agile?

Product Owner: How do you know that you are building the right product?

You can download the whole program as PDF hereInterested in joining us? Let me know! I can bring along a guest for free.

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