Saturday, March 17, 2018

Official launch test automation and code quality workshop

So I have written many times about test automation, automated tests, continuous integration, technical competence, DevOps and so on. This because with many of my project recovery engagements these are part of the problem.

One very big pain point is typically trying to implement a more or less agile project delivery method without implementing automated test and test automation. 

That is why Falko Schmidt and myself decided to design a two-day workshop to address this pain point and learn you how to solve it. We have worked together on a number of software development projects for clients like PwC and Helsana. Falko in the role of the lead developer or test automation specialist, myself as project coach or project recovery manager.

We both see test automation as an essential part of modern software development and project success and designed this workshop to spread the word and teach what we have learned over the years.

So ...

- Are you a company that wants to release faster and in a better quality?
- Are you managing a software development effort and your team does not have the skills to automate your testing?
- Are you a developer who would like to improve the quality of his own work?
- Are you tired of fixing the bugs in the code of your colleagues?
- Does your test automation efforts do not bring the expected benefits?
- Do you want to increase your market value and employability as an allround software developer?

Then this workshop is for you!

Have a look at to see in detail what we offer and sign up. The next dates for our public workshop in Zurich are May 24/25 and July 5/6.

When you are interested in an in-house workshop for your team just contact us.
Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2018 by Henrico Dolfing