eBook Agile Budgets and Contracts

Agile Budgets and Contracts
This book is not about creating the perfect budget in Excel or drafting the ideal contract. It’s about creating budgets and contracts that support agile project management instead of hindering it, it is about contract models that support collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships, about understanding where risk is present in agile project management. I focus on the few things that really matter.

Don’t get distracted by all the people offering agile certifications, agile coaching, agile books, or agile games when it comes to budgets and contracts. They may be helpful to improve your Scrum process, your delivery speed, your team building, your product quality, but most won’t overcome your failure to fix the common errors that many organizations make in their budget process and contract writing. On big projects, none of your agile process details matter if you haven’t established the economic basics first.
No matter if you are on the client or supplier side, when you are involved in creating a budget and/or contract for an agile project, and want to prevent undesirable outcomes by design, then this book is for you.

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