Project Consulting

I can help you make your next strategic project becoming a success by bringing in my experience, expertise, network, and dedication. Some examples of areas I helped other clients in:

Understanding the project success criteria
Understanding and managing the project stakeholders
Building up the right project team
- Defining scope
- Creating budgets and controlling mechanisms
- Creating a project plan
Setting up a Steering Committee and Governance
- Solution Architecture
Setting up Software Development Processes and Toolchain
- Impact Analysis
- Risk Assessment
- Contract & Procurement Review
- Project Portfolio Management process and assessment

What others are saying ...

Henrico was supporting us for one year in a large migration project. I got to know him as a proactive and reliable person who is eager to understand the whole idea behind a business concept. He challenges new ideas and concepts in a positive way to support and improve the envisaged solution. He follows a very structured and analytical approach. It was a pleasure working with Henrico and I would be looking forward to working with him again in the future. - Credit Policy Specialist @ Swisscard AECS
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