Workshop Agile Budgets and Contracts

Workshop Agile Budgets and Contracts Your team is only as agile as its budget allows it to be. If you’re bound by a linear budget, your team’s flexibility will be hampered. This workshop will help you to focus on learning to create contracts and budgets that support your agile processes. Discover how to create a solid economic base that will support your agile processes and avoid the most common pitfalls and budgeting mistakes. This one day workshop is best considered an ideas focused crash course – we don’t extensively explore budgeting models or basics.

Who this workshop benefits

Anyone who works with or works within the constraints of budges and contracts in an agile environment will benefit from this workshop. Whether you’re on the client or supplier side, or even slightly outside, you can gain a better perspective on creating a workable budget for agile projects. You’ll definitely benefit if you’re a:

- product owner
- project manager
- program manager
- portfolio manager or
- contract lawyer

Workshop goals

In this intensive one-day workshop we will pursue three goals:

1. Create an understanding of the common challenges with budgeting and contracting in an agile environment and formulating your company specific challenges.

2. Create a budget for an agile project based on a real life example.

3. Review a number of different contract models that will give you a toolset to help you create better contracts for your organization that support agile projects instead of hindering it.

Workshop format

As a “hands on” workshop intensive, the content will be driven primarily by the participants. This will allow us to focus on your needs and the needs of your company or project. The primary focus of this workshop is how well your specific budgets and contracts are working for your agile processes. We’ll consider how your budgeting and contracts has or hasn’t worked within the framework of your agile processes. You’ll also get to discover the budgeting and contract problems that the other participants companies are having and what they’ve done or are doing to overcome the challenges that they are facing. Our primary tool will be a whiteboard and it will be in generous use. Come prepared to share your experiences and learn from others.

There will be a period of refresher on Scrum and all the associated tools and techniques. We will cover agile budgeting and then complete an exercise on designing and agile budget. We’ll also cover contracts for agile environments and take a brief review of agile contract models that may work for your company.

The take away

At the end of the day, you’ll come away with a better understanding of why your current budgeting or contracting model isn’t working for your company. You’ll discover how it important it is to have and agile contract and budget that complements your agile work process in order to achieve maximum results for your company.

Your practice designing an agile budget will give you the hands on skills you need to tackle your own company’s budgeting and contracting issues. You’ll be able to create agile budgets and contracts that help your process team achieve the desired results you need to deliver quickly. You’ll know where to find a large resource of models to assist in budgeting and contracting. If you’re the client, you’ll gain a better understanding into how and why an agile contract will better suit your end goals than a linear one.

During the course of this workshop you’ll also improve your communications and relationship building skills. Invest a day in learning agile contracting and budgeting and you’ll see the results for the rest of your career. The workshop language is English, unless all participants agree to speak German.


- Coffee & Registration at 8:30
- Begin at 9:00
- Lunch between 12:00 and 13:00
- End between 17:30 and 18:00


The workshop will be led by Henrico Dolfing. Henrico is a Certified Scrum Professional and has implemented Scrum successfully in multiple companies on large projects/programs (>10M budget, >50 team members). Not just on Software Development projects, but also on Data Migration and Actuarial Modelling projects. Projects included outsourcing, nearshoring and remote teams.


990 CHF (exc. VAT) per person. For group or in-house training please contact us for a custom quote. Group size between 5 and 12 persons.

Dates & Location

The next fixed dates of this workshop are Thursday July 20 and Thursday September 14. For an in-house workshop or request just contact us.

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