Workshop Agile Project Portfolio Management

- Are you not sure if the projects you are doing are the right ones?
- Unsure if they help your company executing its strategy?
- Doubting the value and benefits your projects deliver?
- Thinking about if you are doing the projects right?
- Worrying if you are able to deliver value to your customers quickly and predictably?
- Sweating when you think about the risks you are taking?
- Or are you not taking a risk at all and see your competition sailing away from you?

Then this workshop is for you!

So what is project portfolio management?

Project portfolio management is a dynamic process, whereby a business's list of active projects is constantly updated and revised. In this process, new projects are evaluated, selected and prioritized; existing projects may be accelerated, canceled or de-prioritized; people and money are allocated and reallocated to the active projects.

The goal of this process is to select a set of projects to achieve the following:

1) Maximize the value of the portfolio;
2) Seek the right balance of projects, thus achieving a balanced portfolio;
3) Create a strong link to strategy, thus: the need to build strategy into the portfolio;
4) Doing the right number of projects

This workshop takes a deep dive into how to achieve these goals with help from Agile concepts. In order to give you an idea what Agile Project Portfolio Management is, and how it differs from its traditional counterpart have a look at our Agile Project Portfolio Management Framework Guide and our extensive article series about Agile Project Portfolio Management.

Who this workshop benefits

Anyone who's work is related to a project portfolio to drive company growth and strategy. You’ll definitely benefit if you’re a:

- executive manager
- project manager
- program manager
- portfolio manager
- part of the project management office (PMO)

Workshop outcome

In this intensive one-day workshop we will:

1) Create a deep understanding of the 4 goals of project portfolio management and how they relate to your company's growth and strategy.

2) Discuss Agile Project Portfolio Management and how it can be used to manage your project portfolio in such a way that it maximes the value, is balanced, linked to strategy and the projects actually start delivering benefits fast.

3) Discuss tools and techniques to help you make the right decisions for your organization by breaking down the project portfolio management challenge into building blocks and asking yourself some important questions regarding the context in which you want to use them. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is what being Agile is all about!

Workshop format

This is a workshop,  not a course, and not a PowerPoint battle. Much of the content will be driven by the participants, and the whiteboard will be our best friend. You will share experiences with other participants and learn how other organizations or teams have solved your problems.

We will use the following project portfolio management funnel as a guidance for our workshop.

We will discuss the following funnel steps in detail.

1) Ideas and Demand Generation
2) Project Categorization
3) Project Evaluation & Selection
4) Project Validation
5) Project Delivery
6) Project Success & Benefit Monitoring

The workshop language is English, unless all participants agree to speak German.


- Coffee & Registration at 8:30
- Begin at 9:00
- Lunch between 12:00 and 13:00
- End between 17:30 and 18:00


I have been working as a project recovery consultant for almost a decade. My company, Data Solutions, advises companies in the Swiss financial sector on large software development and system migration projects. My expertise in software development and experience with agile processes and techniques allow me to recover projects that are in critical phases on the verge of failure, and lead them back to success. For more information look at my "about me" page or my LinkedIn profile.


990 CHF (exc. VAT) per person. For group or inhouse training please contact us for a custom quote. Group size between 4 and 10 persons.

Dates & Location

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